Monday, November 3, 2014

The Philippines!!!

Well after much anticipation and waiting... a week and three days to be exact;) I was able to open my mission call at home in front of my family and friends! It was a very surreal moment, you put all of your faith in God. Trusting and knowing that wherever in the world you are called to go, whether it be near or far, that is where you are meant to be, that is where you are supposed to go. Somewhere out there God is preparing someone to meet me and I am being prepared to meet them. That I believe is a truly wonderful thing.
 An hour before opening my call I asked my brother for his guess so I could write it it down and place it on the map. He threw out a couple guesses from Boston to North and South Korea;) eventually he decided on the Philippines! I wrote it down and felt nothing:) No connection to the place or the people... yet after shakily opening the call and realizing the Philippines was where I was meant to go I couldn't help but feel an overwhelming sense of belonging and love for a country that I have never been to and for people I have never meant.
Isn't it crazy how one moment can change our entire outlook on things.
I am truly blessed to be apart of something so amazing!
I can't wait to share the gospel and hasten the work!

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