Sunday, June 28, 2015

If it was right when you prayed about it, trusted it...IT IS RIGHT NOW!

This week went by seriously so fast! 

It was such a great week! 

I love it here, there is so much good going on!!!

Coolest kids I know who love peace signs!!!

It started Monday with a great FHE (Family Home Evening) with three of our investigators and some of the coolest kids I know who love peace signs almost as much as I do!  Thursday we headed to the Big City (Urdaneta) for our last Zone Conference with our wonderful Mission President and his wife, President & Sister Monahan (their 3-year mission is complete and they are returning home to Arizona).  I am going to miss them a lot...they have taught me so much in such a short amount of time.  Sister Monahan taught about "Listening to the Lord" and trusting in His plan for us!  It threw me back, before I left on my mission....  I thought I had a plan and it wasn't nearly as amazing as the plan Heavenly Father had for me.  I will never forget a few days before I entered the MTC (Missionary Training Center).  I was SO scared and feeling a little unsure, but then I read an amazing quote by Jeffrey R. Holland, "With any major decision there are cautions and considerations to make, but once there has been illumination beware of the temptation to retreat from a good thing.  If it was right when you prayed about it and trusted it and lived for it, it is right now.  Don't give up when the pressure mounts."  WOW!  So true!  I am forever grateful I trusted in Him and moved forward with faith.  Going on a mission has been one of the best decisions I have ever made!  President Monahan went over the 5 things they have taught us....
  1. The purpose of the Book of Mormon
  2. The difference between real Faith versus Fear
  3. Real Obedience and Simple Compliance
  4. Beginning with the End in Mind
  5. Stay Bright
I have learned MANY things from President & Sister Monahan, but all in all I am so grateful for them teaching me HOW TO BECOME...  We all have such a divine potential, but so few of us apply ourselves and actually make the sacrifices needed to truly BECOME.  President Monahan said, "We must face opposition for our choices matter."  SO true, of course, we have trials and challenges in this life, but we must step up, be a leader and sometimes choose the road that is straight, the road that is narrow and sometimes the road less traveled but that leads to true discipleship and to our Savior.

My MTC Companion....I love Sister Smith!

I got to see Sister Smith at Zone was awesome!
Popcorn is a gooooo! 
 Sister Smith came up with the genius idea
(since we have NO microwave)
to just scoop the inside of the bag into a pan, 
put a lid on it then shake it on the stove and guess what? 
It works!  I'm so happy!

President & Sister Monahan...I will miss them!!!

Me & a chicken...I am obsessed with farm animals!

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

We have met the kindest people in the darkest storms!

Wow!  This week was AMAZING, can I just say how much I love my area, companion (she is the bomb & so funny) and zone!  I love how much my area kind of, somewhat, if you minus all of the tropical greenery reminds me of home!  I may be a little obsessed with the cows, chickens, cornfields and hay!  Hahaha

So, I have been told by multiply sources I need to send more pictures so this week, I will strive to do better!  There is so much work to be done here in Mapandan.  Sister Antenorcruz and I are striving to really strengthen the branch.  Wednesday, we taught three of our investigators that are youth about the Word of Wisdom and gave them CTR rings to help remind them to "Piliin ang Tama" palagi (always).  I love seeing their eagerness and desire to learn and follow the example of Jesus Christ in their own lives! 

Rainy season is starting and we have LOVED working in the rain!  Haha  There is no rain like Filipino rain!  It humbles me when people open their door to find two half soaked sister missionaries asking to share a message about their Savior with them.  They let us in, listen to His beautiful message amist the rolling thunder and we are able to feel the spirit so strongly!  We have met some of the kindest people on what sometimes seems like the darkest storms! 

We were given a broadcast from Salt Lake City on Sunday and they talked about a common phrase here, "I'll be the one"...sometimes, this takes courage.  It takes courage to "knock" on someone's door, whether that door be a friend who recently lost a loved one or, like me, a potential investigator.  It also takes courage to open it.  I know that we can ALWAYS find the courage to lift, assist, learn, grow and love through HIM!!!

Sister Jenkins

Monday, June 15, 2015

Always room to do better....

Note from Sister Jenkins' mom...she forgot her weekly update, but sent some heart-warming photos of her new zone plus here are a few of her thoughts...

  • My area is sooooo gorgeous!
  • I am loving the weather rains a ton and it's so nice, kind of scary at times...
  • My kasama is amazing!
  • We have been working hard and finding much success, but there is always room to do better.
  • We have been getting fed tons here. 
  • We gave out the CTR (choose the right) rings this week and the kids loooved them! 
  • Elder Roberts & Sister Roberts are in our zone and that's been so fun to have them close by. 
  • I am so glad I chose to come here...I love it here so much! 
  • It is hard sometimes, but He always assures me through small and simple ways that this is where I am needed right now!
  • Bucket shower every night...
I love it here and I LOVE YOU!
Sister Jenkins

Beautiful hands with CTR rings!

My amazing Mangaldan Zone!

Beautiful Sister Jenkins!

Sister Roberts shopping at a market.

Elder & Sister Roberts...they are so fun!

Me & my sweet kasama, Sister Antenorcruz!

Monday, June 8, 2015

Turn it over to Him....

This week as has been great!
And so busy!

Monday we had dinner at a ward member's house.

Then, Tuesday I said "good-bye" to my wonderful companion, Sister Training Leader, trainer and friend, Sister Navarro!  I am so grateful for all that she has taught me and helped me with the past few months & transfers!

Sister Navarro & Sister Jenkins
I spent the next day with Sister Ramirez and we had so much fun!  Wednesday, I found out I was being transferred to a new zone, so that night we packed all of my things up.  On Thursday, I met my new companion, Sister Antenorcruz, and my new zone, Mangaldan Zone!  I love my new companion and our area!

I am excited to have many new adventures and help strengthen our area!  We are surrounded by corn and rice fields and farm animals!  Hahaha...I must say, it kind of reminds me of home (minus the rice fields)! 

I have learned a ton this week, put probably the most important thing is to trust in Him. I know that through Him our burdens truly can be made light!  But first we must turn it over to Him, then move forward with faith.  I would recommend everyone read a talk by Elder Holland, "Remember Lots Wife."  It is SO AMAZING! 
The things we can accomplish with His divine help is truly marvelous!

Sister Navarro...My Companion, My Sister Training Leader, My Trainer...MY FRIEND!

Until we meet again...God Speed.
From Kylee's Mom...Sister Navarro sent us the sweetest email a couple days after she was released from her mission.  As a mom, it makes me so happy to know Heavenly Father loves them both so much and knew they would be a match made in heaven.  Eternal Companions!  In her email, Sister Navarro shared "It was hard to leave the mission and especially Sister Jenkins. I miss her so much! I always long for her presence and companionship. I know that her next companion is so blessed to have her. By the time I left, I know that she is ready to take the lead in our area and in bringing the gospel into the life of the people in Pangasinan. She has taught me well and has trained me for this another chapter of my life and for that, I am eternally grateful."  
We love Sister Navarro so much...she has become a part of our family! 
XXOO Sister Navarro!
Sister Jenkins' new zone, MANGALDAN ZONE!

Monday, June 1, 2015

May we strive to see others through His eyes...

This week was great! 

And, so busy! 

We had surprise studies with the sisters and it was so great.  I am always amazed at how much I learn from them.  I love all the sisters so much!  We spent the night in Lingayen with Sister Sauvau and Sister Lapura on Tuesday night then I worked with them while Sister Navarro was at a meeting in Lingayen.  It was the first time I have left our area and worked in someone else's was FUN.  I loved meeting their investigators and I learned a lot!  Thursday, Labrador sisters spent the night and Friday, Sister Ramirez and I were companions while Sister Navarro & Sister Adan were in Urdaneta.  I love her! 

It was pouring rain and we were drenched, but it was great! 
I love the rain here.

We went to Brother and Sister Ferrer on Sunday and Sister Navarro said goodbye, we picked Sineguelas (see below) and had dinner at a members house. 

We missionaries received an email with some different things to remember and ponder.  One was criticizing....I was thinking about this one morning and was reading in Matthew 3.  It talks of Jesus healing on the Sabbath, the Pharisees watched and waited to accuse him and "straightway" plotted against Him.  I was thinking about this in my own life.  Are we uplifting and assisting or waiting for people to fall short of our "expectations?"  Are we too blinded by the beam in our own eyes that we can't see the miracles that take place every day?  Just a thought! 

I really love this example of Jesus Christ. 
May we strive to see others through His eyes!

Sister Jenkins

Note from Kylee's Mom...I had no idea what "Sineguelas" were....
"Sineguelas (Spondias purpurea), also known as the Spanish Plum, is an exotic antioxidant fruit native from the Latin America which was brought and grown in the Philippines back in the 1800s. Today, Sineguelas can be found in several provinces across the Philippines. It is commonly quoted by the Filipino people as the food of the gods.