Monday, June 15, 2015

Always room to do better....

Note from Sister Jenkins' mom...she forgot her weekly update, but sent some heart-warming photos of her new zone plus here are a few of her thoughts...

  • My area is sooooo gorgeous!
  • I am loving the weather rains a ton and it's so nice, kind of scary at times...
  • My kasama is amazing!
  • We have been working hard and finding much success, but there is always room to do better.
  • We have been getting fed tons here. 
  • We gave out the CTR (choose the right) rings this week and the kids loooved them! 
  • Elder Roberts & Sister Roberts are in our zone and that's been so fun to have them close by. 
  • I am so glad I chose to come here...I love it here so much! 
  • It is hard sometimes, but He always assures me through small and simple ways that this is where I am needed right now!
  • Bucket shower every night...
I love it here and I LOVE YOU!
Sister Jenkins

Beautiful hands with CTR rings!

My amazing Mangaldan Zone!

Beautiful Sister Jenkins!

Sister Roberts shopping at a market.

Elder & Sister Roberts...they are so fun!

Me & my sweet kasama, Sister Antenorcruz!

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