Tuesday, June 23, 2015

We have met the kindest people in the darkest storms!

Wow!  This week was AMAZING, can I just say how much I love my area, companion (she is the bomb & so funny) and zone!  I love how much my area kind of, somewhat, if you minus all of the tropical greenery reminds me of home!  I may be a little obsessed with the cows, chickens, cornfields and hay!  Hahaha

So, I have been told by multiply sources I need to send more pictures so this week, I will strive to do better!  There is so much work to be done here in Mapandan.  Sister Antenorcruz and I are striving to really strengthen the branch.  Wednesday, we taught three of our investigators that are youth about the Word of Wisdom and gave them CTR rings to help remind them to "Piliin ang Tama" palagi (always).  I love seeing their eagerness and desire to learn and follow the example of Jesus Christ in their own lives! 

Rainy season is starting and we have LOVED working in the rain!  Haha  There is no rain like Filipino rain!  It humbles me when people open their door to find two half soaked sister missionaries asking to share a message about their Savior with them.  They let us in, listen to His beautiful message amist the rolling thunder and we are able to feel the spirit so strongly!  We have met some of the kindest people on what sometimes seems like the darkest storms! 

We were given a broadcast from Salt Lake City on Sunday and they talked about a common phrase here, "I'll be the one"...sometimes, this takes courage.  It takes courage to "knock" on someone's door, whether that door be a friend who recently lost a loved one or, like me, a potential investigator.  It also takes courage to open it.  I know that we can ALWAYS find the courage to lift, assist, learn, grow and love through HIM!!!

Sister Jenkins

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