Monday, June 8, 2015

Turn it over to Him....

This week as has been great!
And so busy!

Monday we had dinner at a ward member's house.

Then, Tuesday I said "good-bye" to my wonderful companion, Sister Training Leader, trainer and friend, Sister Navarro!  I am so grateful for all that she has taught me and helped me with the past few months & transfers!

Sister Navarro & Sister Jenkins
I spent the next day with Sister Ramirez and we had so much fun!  Wednesday, I found out I was being transferred to a new zone, so that night we packed all of my things up.  On Thursday, I met my new companion, Sister Antenorcruz, and my new zone, Mangaldan Zone!  I love my new companion and our area!

I am excited to have many new adventures and help strengthen our area!  We are surrounded by corn and rice fields and farm animals!  Hahaha...I must say, it kind of reminds me of home (minus the rice fields)! 

I have learned a ton this week, put probably the most important thing is to trust in Him. I know that through Him our burdens truly can be made light!  But first we must turn it over to Him, then move forward with faith.  I would recommend everyone read a talk by Elder Holland, "Remember Lots Wife."  It is SO AMAZING! 
The things we can accomplish with His divine help is truly marvelous!

Sister Navarro...My Companion, My Sister Training Leader, My Trainer...MY FRIEND!

Until we meet again...God Speed.
From Kylee's Mom...Sister Navarro sent us the sweetest email a couple days after she was released from her mission.  As a mom, it makes me so happy to know Heavenly Father loves them both so much and knew they would be a match made in heaven.  Eternal Companions!  In her email, Sister Navarro shared "It was hard to leave the mission and especially Sister Jenkins. I miss her so much! I always long for her presence and companionship. I know that her next companion is so blessed to have her. By the time I left, I know that she is ready to take the lead in our area and in bringing the gospel into the life of the people in Pangasinan. She has taught me well and has trained me for this another chapter of my life and for that, I am eternally grateful."  
We love Sister Navarro so much...she has become a part of our family! 
XXOO Sister Navarro!
Sister Jenkins' new zone, MANGALDAN ZONE!

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