Sunday, August 16, 2015

Angels are around me always....

Sister Jenkins and her MRC companion Sister Wilde...
life long friends!!!
I love this...
Last Wednesday, August 12th, we received word from Elder Arner, an Area Medical Adviser in the Philippines that Sister Jenkins' had been transferred from her Urdaneta Mission to the Manila Missionary Recovery Center (MRC).  About three weeks ago, she developed an upper respiratory infection which resulted in a chronic cough that is not responding to any form of treatment. 
PLEASE pray for Sister Jenkins
that she will heal soon.
Include the physicians and medical staff
in your prayers that
they will find the cause
of her health challenges. 
There is great comfort knowing Sister Jenkins' is in the Missionary Recover Center as it is the only one in the Church (worldwide).  It is a very pleasant residential facility across the street from the Manila Temple and on the same campus as the MTC.  It is not a hospital, but rather a place where missionaries can be evaluated and obtain more advanced assessments.  The MRC is supervised by two excellent experienced nurses and the Area Medical Adviser/Doctor who have access to St. Luke's Medical Center about 5 km from the MRC which is the premier hospital and health care center in the country. 
Elder Arner reported that Sister Jenkins is in "wonderful spirits, smiling and happy and truly a delight to be around.  She will brighten everyone's day here.  Sister Jenkins' radiates the joy of her work and loves being involved in teaching the Gospel here." 
In Sister Jenkins' words....
"I know the only person this sickness is a surprise to is ME. 
Heavenly Father has known and does know. 
He is so mindful.
 I know He cares just as much about the instrument
as He does about the work. 
I know angels are around me always! 
I trust Him." 
We love our Sister Jenkins!
She is strong, trusting and in His hands.
She is a spiritual giant.

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