Monday, August 17, 2015

I am recommending a medical release....

Dear Friends and Family of Sister Jenkins...

Thank you for your many prayers on Sister Jenkins' behalf, putting her name on the prayer roll at Temples throughout the world and sending your love & good wishes for a speedy recovery from a month long illness that has racked her respiratory system.  We are blessed and grateful for all the love and care Kylee has received in the Urdaneta Mission and the Manila Missionary Recover Center (MRC). While the medical staff at the MRC have been wonderful, Elder/Dr. Arner has as a last resort made the difficult decision to return Sister Jenkins' home for advanced pulmonary care and healing.

In his letter to us this morning, he said....

"If Sister Jenkins were my daughter or granddaughter
I would absolutely want her to
return home at this point. 
I am hoping that this will be easily correctable
and that she will likewise recover quickly. 
In that case, she will be
to return to the Urdaneta mission....
Sister Jenkins is indeed saddened by this decision....
She has done every single thing
she has been asked to do
and we have pretty well
exhausted our resources in the field. 
I want to tell you what a
wonderful missionary she is. 
She is absolutely great. 
If everyone serving had her faith,
testimony and determination,
the work would go forward
with greater speed and success. 
She had done everything she can. 
She has never once asked to go home. 
That decision was entirely mine. 
Now she needs to get better, and then,
if it is her desire to do so,
 she may return again. 
She has blessed the lives of many people
here in the Philippines."
We spoke to Sister Jenkins' tonight as she said good-bye to her beloved Urdaneta mission, President & Sister Deyro and her brothers & sisters in the Philippines.  Hearing her voice and witnessing her chronic cough testified to us that Heavenly Father knows and loves her.  Elder Arner's difficult decision is right.  It is clear after hearing her tonight, she needs advanced pulmonary care and further testing in America.  We will pick her up at the Boise airport Wednesday, August 19th, at 2:30 head is spinning trying to think of all her favorite comforts to surround her with... #1 pumpkin cookies...#2 Uncle Guy's sure all remedy (OJ & Sprite)... #3 Kristie Dorsey's chicken noodle soup...and, #4 Green Chili Chicken Enchiladas (when she's up to that one).
Sister Jenkins' loves being a missionary.
She loves the Philippines.
She loves the Filipino people.
She loves her Urdaneta mission.
She loves her companions.
She loves the culture, the food and Tagalog.
Please pray for her quick recovery!!!
I leave you with a thought from one of Sister Jenkins' favorite books,
"The Peter Potential"...
"Thou Art The Christ,
The Son of the Living God."
- Matthew 16:16
"There will be a point in this journey
where you will have to leave neutral ground. 
That moment will require you to
He is the Christ.
Let Him guide your life.
Counsel with Him.
Ask for His input.
Allow Him to change you.
Trust that He will make
you something more."
Our hearts are heavy and eyes flowing with tears.
Sister Jenkins' is leaving "neutral ground"
and she is letting Him guide her life
and allowing Him to change her.
We know He lives and He dearly loves all His children.
There is peace & comfort with Dr. Arner's decision.
She is our spiritual giant.
And, she trusts in the Lord and His plan.
Godspeed, Sister Jenkins!



  1. Our love to Sister Jenkins and to your family,..."Well done, thou good and faithful servant,...well done!" You can count me in for making green chile enchiladas for that sweet girl!!!

  2. Our prayers are with Kylee and your family for a speedy recovery.

  3. Our prayers are with Kylee and your family for a speedy recovery.

  4. Our sweet Victoria lives her and will be sad. Godspeed her healing.