Monday, March 30, 2015

I am so lucky I get to call the Philippines home!

They arrived safe & sound...
Urdaneta Missionary Group of March 11, 2015
Masantos ya Kabwasan!

This week was SO great!  I am starting to get used to a new culture and I love it here, I am so lucky I get to call the Philippines home!  This week I have been amazed at how diligent and willing the ward members are to give of their time and to go out and serve with us. 

Monday we watched "The Restoration" in tagalog with one of our recent converts and investigators at a members house for Family Home Evening.  The spirit was so strong!  One brother in our ward is the only member and headed out on his mission to Quezon City on Friday so his family had a going away party.  They were so kind and sweet.  It was good to get to know his family! 

So, Sister Navarro and I really wanted to teach a family because the gospel blesses everyone, but I have experienced the love, peace and joy it brings to families and how it unifies them.  So, we had been praying and we decided to contact a referral with one of our ward members one night.  It turns out its a huge family!!!  They were all so kind and willing to listen, the spirit was SO strong in their house.  I can't wait to go back! 

Sunday we had two investigators come to church (husband and wife).  They absolutely loved it and just kept saying "beautiful."  They want their whole family to experience church next Sunday and for us to teach them!

I love it here!  Read Jacob is so good!

Have a great week!
Love, Sister Jenkins

Some fun things Kylee shared about her new home...
  • Schedule:  We wake up at 6:30 to exercise, then shower and have breakfast, followed by personal study time at 8:00, kasama study time at 9:00, language study at 10:00 then lunch at noon...we start at 1:00 pm and work until 9:00 pm at the latest.
  • Funny Story:  A church member was talking to me and I was like "hindi maintindihan po ako" (I don't understand) and they were just staring at me.  Sister Navarro was laughing and is like "Sis Jenkins they are speaking English" about embarrassing! 
  • I loved this quote from Sister Jenkins...."ahhh, the spirit speaks all languages!"
Here are some photos from when Sister Jenkins' missionary group arrived in the Urdaneta Mission on March 11th.  They stayed for two days in the mission home before departing with their trainers to their new areas.  They enjoyed Kentucky Fried Chicken and Shakey's Pizza!  Sister Jenkins is assigned to the Manat B Area, Dagupan Zone, Urdaneta Mission. 


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