Monday, March 30, 2015

I continue to learn how important it is to be guided by the spirit at all times....

March 22nd update from Sister Jenkins'...only 1/2 her message arrived this week

This week has been SO amazing!  I have loved getting familiar with the area and getting to know such wonderful people!  Sister Navarro is SO great.  I am learning so much from her everyday.  It has become so evident to me this week how aware God truly is of ALL of His children and what they need.  We made a goal to work with the ward members on getting referrals and finding those that are ready to hear His message.  With hard work and the help of great ward members, we were able to exceed our referral goal and meet some new and wonderful people! 

I continue to learn how important it is to be guided by the spirit at all times.  We are to be instruments in His hands which means we have to follow the spirit even if it takes us places we least expected or if it doesn't follow exactly what is....

From Kylee's Mom...
I am grateful for technology and the ability to receive weekly updates. Sometimes we experience technology challenges and Kylee's photos don't download and/or her updates are cut off mid-stream, but that is OK. 

So, you fill in from where we lost Sister Jenkins' update...."or if it doesn't follow exactly what is...."

Our first baptism

Couple other fun things Sister Jenkins shared:
  • We had our first baptism and she is soooooo sweet!  I love her so much!
  • One ward member made us brownies and I almost cried they were soooo good!
  • No letters yet, but please tell the "fam" and friends to send them as I am sure they will come when I need them most...
  • Thank you for the "Project LOVE Kylee" letters...that meant so much to me!  I have only opened one and it was from Dorsey's...tell them "THANK YOU".  It came at a much needed time!

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