Tuesday, March 17, 2015

I feel so blessed to be here....

Message from Kylee's Mom...
Here are a collection of photos with some small messages that we have received from Sister Jenkins since she left the Provo MTC on March 6, 2015...

"Sometimes it is hard and I question why I am here,
but then I open my eyes and heart
to the miracles around me and
I feel so blessed to be here!"
I love you guys so much!

March 6th
After a long day & night of traveling from Salt Lake City
to Portland to Toyko to Manila....
Kumusta po kayo! 
I am alive...haha...
it's morning here in Manila. 
 It is so beautiful! 
A VIEW from my room at the Philippines MTC in Manila
March 11th
After spending five days in Manila at the Philippines MTC,
we traveled by bus to Urdaneta.
We spent two days at the mission home.
My trainer & companion is Sister Navarro. 
She is from Manila, speaks English and I love her!
We went to our area and went to work...
I am in an area called Manut, Dagupan, Philippines...look it up! 
 It is beautiful and right by the ocean.
We have two other sister missionaries in our apartment.
They are so cool...my companion is from Manila 
and the other two sisters are from
Samoa and New Zealand.
Our apartment is nice...
running water and a faucet shower.
The temperature here is HOT.
My Provo MTC companion, Sister Smith, is in Dagupan too, but more in the city.
After a five day layover in Manila,
meet the new Philippines Urdaneta missionaries
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. 
Kylee's companion, Sister Smith, is in the same mission and sitting next to her in the blue flowered shirt.

My beautiful companion, Sister Navarro!
Our apartment...blue Gatorade too. 

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