Saturday, February 28, 2015

"He might stretch us, but He won't ever tell us to do something we cannot do"....

Magandang Umaga!
This week was ayos!  I can't believe this is my last update from the states!  Time seriously flies here.  Sunday's temple walk was super nice, I took pictures with Elder Singleton from home since he is leaving this week! 

Tuesday night devotional was AMAZING...Valarie Causse spoke to us.  Her husband is the 1st Counselor in the presiding Bishopric...they are from France and moved here two or so years ago.  She talked about the fears and feelings of inadequacy she had coming to a new country and speaking a new language.  It was a really good talk! 

I spent some time talking to my Filipino friend down the hall, Sister D.  She is going to Korea.  I love her so much.  I love spending time talking to her sa tagalog...she helped me with my pronunciation with my testimony and she is so sweet. 

Thursday morning while our kasamas were auditioning for a special musical number (so, for like an hour), Sister May and I listened to people audition.  And for those of you that don't know, I LOVE classical music and a girl from our zone played some "Claire De Lune"...It was BEAUTIFUL! 

It started snowing which was so awesome because I seriously LOVE the snow.  It's so magical and peaceful!  So, I am glad I got to see it one last time before I leave for the Philippines!  My family sent my roommates and I a package and it was so sweet.  We enjoyed our "picnic", THANKS guys, we all loved it! 

That night we had Skype TRC and we got to teach a wonderful Sister Blossom in Quezon City.  She is such a great member missionary and we found out she actually served a mission in the Salt Lake City Temple Square Mission.  We invited her to pick a Christ-like attribute to work on over the week, then email us and report back.  She chose patience...she shared with us that she learned from her mission to have patience with 1) herself; 2) her companion; and, 3) those around her.  She testified that even though it is hard with a new culture and language barrier TRUST in Him who sent us.  Her four year old son, Ron, recited the first "Article of Faith" to us, it was so adorable! 

Thursday was a GREAT day!  Friday our teacher, Sister Hayden, got engaged.  Us girls were super excited for her!  She brought us each a conference talk by Jeffrey R. Holland "Cast Not Away Therefore Your Confidence" was so good!  I liked when he said, "If God has told you something is right, if something is indeed True for you, He will provide the way for you to accomplish it."  How true is that?  He might stretch us BUT He won't ever tell us to do something we cannot do.

Have a great week!  Next week's update from the Philippines...

Love to ALL,
Sister Jenkins
Our walk to the temple Sunday...Elder Singleton from HOME!

Sister D and the gang them so much!

It's snowing and I got a package...yaaaay!

LOVE from home

We had a picnic!!!
Pranking our teachers ;)

Our guro Sister Hayden got engaged!!!

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