Monday, April 20, 2015

She is amazing...

Words from Kylee's mom....we received a letter from Sister Monahan (Kylee's Mission President's wife) today to keep us updated on some health challenges Kylee is working through.  The missionary doctor has been very thorough in their testing and we are delighted with the care Kylee is receiving.  Sister Monahan shared that "Sister Jenkins is a high achiever.  She is trying hard to learn a new language and adapt to a new culture and foods.  Many foreign missionaries arrive in the Philippines and don't do as well as she has done."  We trust Sister Jenkins is in great care and as her body adjusts to the new culture, new foods and life as a missionary she will be well.  Sister Monahan's parting words, "Above all, don't worry.  We are taking good care of her!"  What comfort those words bring to a Mom....

No weekly update from Sister Jenkins, but in her email home she shared the following: 
My week was GRAND!  Nani Wang made me a dress out of a sheet (see final product)...I love it.  Sister Fuimaono is leaving tomorrow which is sad paro ok lang.  We are having a big going away party for her tonight so I am pretty stoked for some good Filipino food!  Please thank Stephanie Collett and Uncle Tom for their letters.  Your package hasn't arrived yet, but I trust I will see it when I need it most!

"I know I will be OK.  The medicine has helped a ton.  I don't feel so sleep deprived and exhausted which is good.  Sister Monahan and my wonderful companion have been helping me through it!  I love my companion so much.  She has been so loving with my health challenges, she is amazing!" 
I asked Sister Jenkins how she does her laundry each week....
"I could pay to have someone do my laundry by hand, but that is just being lazy.  So I do it by hand myself!
I asked her if they have a kitchen in their apartment and how they fix meals....
"We have a camp stove and microwave but I am learning lots of ways to cook and getting creative.  The pickiness is so gone!!!  I love lumpia's these deep friend tempura styled taquitos looking things that have meat and veggies in it.  It's so yummy!
"Lots of bugs...I can get over the cockroaches, lizards and geckos but NOT the spiders and ants. 
When do you feel closest to the Lord?
"I feel closest to Him when I am working hard and being diligent. 
When I truly feel like I have made a difference in someone else's life other than my own."
"Tagalog is coming. 
I am trying to work really hard at it and my companion is great. 
I am helping her with her "American boldness"...haha

Nani Wang and the beautiful dress she made for me from a sheet.  Love her!

Me at the Capital Building in our new zone, Lingayen.

Me and my kabahis roommates

Me and my kasama exchanges with Sister Lapura.

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