Monday, April 13, 2015

This is the closest to living I will ever be....

This week I have been amazed at the love our Heavenly Father has for all of his children and how mindful He is of their trials, their pains and afflictions.  His hand is in ALL things!

I had my first set of exchanges here in Manat and I absolutely LOVED it!  I was with Sister Combate from Hundred Islands my first day.  She is so kind and loving!  I learned A LOT from her!  It was good to realize that I really do KNOW our investigators and I don't need to rely on my Kasama to translate.  I understand just fine! :)  Sister Navarro has taught me well.  haha  I can find my way around our area which is something she has helped me a lot with ;) 

Friday, I was with Sister Tan!  I learned a ton from her as well!  We went to an investigator's house and he taught us how to make halo halo (it's like Hawaiian ice).  We helped him shave the ice, it was great.  He is great and is always asking good questions when we teach and I love it!  We LOVE answering questions!

Saturday was General Conference and it was amazing!  The spirit was felt so strongly.  We went into General Conference with questions that we had prayerfully pondered and asked and I can honestly  say all of my questions were answered between all four sessions.  It was amazing!  I am so grateful for the inspired talks and for a living prophet!

Couple additional thoughts Sister Jenkins shared with us...
  • Food is amazing...I love Spanish bread, bangus fish and coco rice!  Food from good, I miss it!  I don't even like ham sauce, but the things I'd do for ham sauce are unreal right now ;) hahaha
  • My companion is amazing!  She is the perfect example to me of selfless service.  I can feel not only my behavior changing, but my nature as well.
  • Today, before we went to email on this p-day I received three letters and IT WAS SO SWEET!  Thank you and thank Aunt Jamie and Aunt Kim.  Sooooo sweet!
  • The great thing about our missions, is that it's NEVER about us.  In my favorite scripture, Matthew 10:39 "He that findeth his life shall lose it; and he that loseth his life for my sake shall find it"....It is always about Him as it should be!  I guess that is why this is the closest to living I will ever be!
  • My kabahi is tongan and we were sitting there writing letters and she was like "Sister Jenkins, I think my sister just had her baby!"  And, sure enough, five days later on p-day she found out her sister had her baby that day! 
  • I am in the Lingayen Zone and I love it!
Soooo sweet!  Received three letters from home...thank you, thanks Aunt Jamie and thanks Aunt Kim!

Shaving ice for halo Hawaiian ice!

During exchanges...I am a giant. hahaha

A borrowed photo from Brother & Sister Roberts' beautiful!

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