Monday, November 30, 2015

Our mortal journey....

This week I feel like I have learned so much! 
My scripture is simple this week, but powerful. 
 I can do ALL things through
which strengthens me.
- Philippians 4:13
This week I have really been focusing on this scripture. 
 Our week did not go exactly as planned,
 but that often happens in our mortal journey. 
Heartbreak, loss and discouragement are at
our door each day.
Even though things do not go OUR way,
I have been realizing that maybe my way was not
His way at all.
We can find such infinite strength
through the Atonement.
All things really are quite possible
when we have
as or main focus each day!
Our Area has been progressing
we are looking forward to a
"White Christmas"....
Sister Liligi is amazing.
I learn so much from her each and every day!
I love you!
Sister Jenkins
I am forever grateful to serve in this heavenly place.

Exchanges with my friend, MTC companion.
I love Sister Smith! 

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