Monday, November 16, 2015

She has RETURNED to her beloved Philippines....

Note from Sister Jenkins' Mom from November 9th...It's November, the month of thanksgiving and prayer to acknowledge with grateful hearts the many favors of the Almighty God. I give sincere and humble thanks for His many favors upon our family, for His care, His unwavering love and His watchful eye over our daughter and His missionary, Kylee.  He has made her whole again, healthy to serve and anxious to reunite with the good people of the Philippines whom she loves. Words can't describe the overflowing gratitude in my heart for our dear friends and wonderful family who helped us travel the rough seas of Sister Jenkins' past 100 day cough. While extremely difficult to say "good-bye" for Part 2 of Kylee's Philippines Mission, there is peace knowing how much He loves her and His work is waiting for her return.  Kylee's Mission President sent her a message today before she boarded the plane bound for the Philippines...he said, "Sister Jenkins, there are like 100 people waiting to greet you!" What a comfort that message is...our girl is loved and touches lives wherever she goes. Godspeed, Sister Jenkins! May your boat sink with blessings and nets break with goodness. God be with you til we meet again

Daddy-Daughter hug

Love our Missionary!

Quick trip to St. Louis to say "good-bye" to Kylee's favorite niece, favorite sister and brother-in law!

Nothing better than a good-bye hug from this guy!



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