Wednesday, July 29, 2015

"Be not afraid...only BELIEVE"....


This week was good!  I LOVE sister Montenegro and our super cool Kabahi's Sister Miller & Sister Bonediano.  Monday we had FHE (family home evening) with some members and investigators.  After we tried balut ....not going to lie, probably the grossest thing I have ever eaten, but it was pretty hilarious!  Tuesday, we had a great district meeting!  And learned about how to better recognize the Holy Ghost in our lives. Which is so important for us to recognize the promptings Father gives us through the spirit.  We went to our far area with our branch president and his beautiful wife on Wednesday.  It's about an hour from Baguio, it is beautiful.  Friday we went to new missionary training and it was great.  We learned about KFC..."Keep Father's Commandments"...and, we also feasted on KFC so it was pretty great.  Towards the end of the week, I lost my voice but I was so proud and impressed with Sister Montenegro for opening her mouth and teaching (sa tagalog) when I could not.  My favorite quote of the week comes from "The Mortal Christ" talk given by Jack R. Christianson (look it up)....

"Be not afraid...only Believe.
To those whom God calls, He qualifies...."
"The Mortal Christ"
Popular speaker Jack R. Christianson is back
with his warm stories, personal experiences,
and inspiring insights that will bring you closer to the Savior.

Drawing on examples and teachings of Christ's
mortal ministry, brother Christianson explains
the importance of getting to know Him.
He teaches that we, like Christ,
should seek to please the Father,
help others live, and follow
the promptings of the still, small voice.

The Mortal Christ will motivate and inspire you
to strengthen your relationship with Deity,
and help you to enjoy the blessings of the gospel more fully.
Sister Jenkins

A Filipino delicacy, balut, is a culinary fascination a
round the world.  18-day-old fertilized duck egg!

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