Monday, July 20, 2015

Joy of laboring in His vineyard....

This week has been AMAZING!

The first half of the week, I was with Sister Antenorcruz in Mangaldan.  We were pretty sure she was transferring because she has been in this zone since December.  Sister Antenorcruz was pretty much packed by the time transfer awareness came.  Wednesday, we found out I was actually being transferred which meant I would be training in an open area!  I was super excited.  I know Heavenly Father is so aware of us and has great things in store for us!  So, Wednesday night after attending the farewell party for Sister Santo's, I got all packed and Thursday morning I headed to Urdaneta to meet my anak! 

My heart was pounding the whole way there! 
What would she be like? 
Filipino or foreigner? 
Where would be our new area?
When I got there, I introduced myself to each of them!  There were two Filipinos, two Poly and three Americans (which as kind of cool because there are only three American sister missionaries right now).  We headed into the meeting and President Deyro started calling companions and areas...and, slowly by slowly the two Filipinos were called, one Poly, two Americans and it was me and another trainer plus American and Poly trainees left.  Then a few seconds later, it was just me and the American sister left!  I jumped up and gave her a MASSIVE HUG (hopefully, I didn't freak her out too much...hahaha).  Her name is Sister Montenegro, she is from Las Vegas and I seriously love her so much!  We look and kind of talk similar so we have been asked if we are related a few times.  Hahaha
Our area is the wonderful Binalonan Branch and our zone is Urdaneta North.  This has been an Elders only zone, so we are the first sister missionaries there!  We are way excited!  We have had to seriously deep clean our "celestial" apartment out, we love it!  The branch leaders and President are great and have been working with us, helping us get familiar with our area and we had FHE (family home evening) & met tons of members.  Sunday we had dinner with a family and we got some new names to contact. 
I am so grateful for the trust the Lord has put in us to help strengthen this branch!  I love my Sister Montenegro.  I am excited for this transfer and the hard work ahead of us, all the awesome memories we will create and the joy of laboring in His vineyard! 
Love to all!
Sister Jenkins
Binalonan Branch President, his wife and family and me & Sister Montenegro!
Loving our new area and my new companion!

One of my last days with Sister Antenorcruz.

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