Sunday, July 5, 2015

I am an AUNT

This week was good! 
Crazy how Ken had her baby!

I'm bawling in the internet shop right now...hahaha....
ahhhh, I am dying. 
Literally, she is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen! 
I am so proud of Kendel and am anxious to return AFTER I do His will. 
She is "sobrang mataba"...hahaha....fat & chunky.
I bet Blake is so happy! 
She is the perfect mixture of both of them! 

I am an AUNT....

It's hard...
kind of a weird sensation,
a mix of heart break and mending! hahaha
Mom note:  I love this girl...I pray her heart will mend quickly!!!

I felt like it was happening because this week I have been totally in love with it here and everything has felt good! And when you feel at peace, us missionaries kind of learn that usually some refining moment is headed your way;)

Its been raining constantly and hasn't stopped for 38 hours.  It is starting to flood, so I'm going to do some retail therapy later and buy some rain boots.  

Suddenly, nothing seems too eventful about my week.!!! 

Flooding fields
I love you all!!!
Sister Jenkins

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