Sunday, May 3, 2015

Thank you, Mr. Gardner...

So this week has been AMAZING!

From purple chicks to packages from home and SO many wonderful learning opportunities.  I feel truly humbled and blessed!  This week we really tried to open our mouths.  We were given the challenge by President Monahan and it was truly inspired!  We have been able to meet and teach so many wonderful people!  Wednesday, while we were teaching one of our investigators, her son came in with the cutest purple chick!  I was in LOVE it was so cute!  Sunday we were teaching and it started raining SO hard!  It was amazing except for the fact I could not hear or understand what they were saying...haha...but, I love the rain.  It is so calming and soothing (I think) even when it is super loud!

One morning we did a service project in the garden of our Bishop's house.  We were weeding and I was thinking a lot!  The previous day had been kind of hard and I even found myself questioning WHY.  Why was I going through hard things?  I LOVE my mission, the Philippines, my companion.  Why was it suddenly hard?  Why now?  Then in an instant, the words of one of my favorite Mormon Messages came into my mind, "I am the Gardner here, I know what I want you to be"....WOW!  I was overwhelmed with a sense of relief.  HE is the gardner and HE know what HE wants me to be.  Sometimes he cuts us down only to lift us up and help us reach our potential.  How lucky are we to have such a loving and caring Father in Heaven? 

"HE loves me enough to hurt me...
The Gardner took control and did what was BEST for me...
Thank You, Mr. Gardner!" 

Cutest purple chick...

Happy missionaries....
Note from one grateful "Mommy Kelli"....Just as I was about to push the "publish" button, the sweetest email arrived from Kylee's companion.  Through tears of JOY, I share with you a special love of two missionaries from opposite ends of the world...theirs is truly a "match made in Heaven"...they so love each other and make each other "want to be better each day."
Hi!  I'm Sister Jenkin's companion. Sorry I wasn't able to email you since Sister Jenkins came here. Your daughter is so amazing! I love her soooooooooooo much! She's so good at doing so many things. She has so many talents and its not just the people who's being blessed but also me and other missionaries! Oh how I wanted to tell you everything! She makes me want to be better each day. She's an obedient missionary and I can just imagine how proud you are with her. She misses you and tells me so many good things about you. Thank you so much Mommy Kelly for sending Sister Jenkins here. Heavenly Father is making good use of the talents she has. You are absolutely amazing!
I love you!
ps. thank you for the package. I was overwhelmed of gratitude :)
Sister Navarro

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